Indie Furry Streamer
& Digital Artist

Regular Commissions

Prices listed in USD
These are for personal use

Read my Terms of Service before ordering!

Smol doodles

Teenies / Quad+$45
Add Character+ 100% price each

*simple ocs (ex: MLP or Cookie Run) will fall under Teenie prices
**Quad+ is for characters on four legs, taurs, etc!


Bust (inc shoulders, chest)$40$50
Half Body (inc hips, tail)$50$60
Full Body$60$70
Added FeesPrice
Add Character+100% price each
Add one of my OCs+50% price each
Alt Edit(s) [Transformation, Etc]+50% price per OC
Extra Revision Fee [past sketch]+ $10 each
Complexity Fee [DnD, FFXIV, etc]+ $30
Color/Pattern BG [for all]Free!

Adding multiple characters (3+) varies price, based on detail/amount of body of character(s) is shown
Please contact me first for an accurate quote!


Please read my Terms of Service before ordering
Thank you!

Discord: cicipuppo
Email: [email protected]

Terms of Service

last update: 02/22/24


  • I have a full time job and I'm a single parent, these factors will affect my work and communication times!

  • If you cannot wait at least 2 weeks for your commission, then please find another artist

  • I never use Generative AI in any part of my works

  • I do offer Glazed and Nightshaded versions of my art for Twitter upload

Here's the short version for a quick glance!

  • By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my full terms of service here

  • You must be 18+ to commission me

  • I reserve the right to deny your commission for my own reasons

  • Please credit me accordingly for my work

  • Please have your references clear and up to date

  • You must specify whether the piece will be used for commercial purposes or not when ordering, as these will be priced differently

  • Do NOT claim, edit, trace, modify or alter my work in any way or form outside of resizing or making the image transparent for social media icons or similar

  • I do not consent to the use of my art for selling NFTs or the use of training AI/databases in any way

  • Refunds are available under certain conditions (read full version of my ToS)

Terms of Service

What I Make

  • My illustrations and L2D models are digital goods only [sent as .png or .psd files], you will not be sent physical goods unless its described as such

  • Also, all my socials are listed above, if someone contacts you claiming to be me from somewhere other than those pages, its likely a scammer

Work Schedule and Estimated Completion Time

  • I work full time & I'm a single parent, please keep this in mind when commissioning me!

  • I do not work with deadlines under 2 weeks. Please plan accordingly when ordering

  • Completion time can be up to 8 weeks (2 months) per illustration commission once I've started. Final time will vary due to the complexity of your order

  • WIPs are sent at each stage. Please communicate if you want any changes

  • Any substantial setbacks [i.e. prolonged sickness or tech failure] and solutions will be discussed with the customer as soon as they arise

  • Commissions are not "first come, first served". I choose which projects to work on and rotate between orders to avoid burnout

  • I only do commission work (art and responses) on weekdays

  • Weekends (Sat, Sun) & Holidays are my time off, please respect that!

Terms of Use

  • Commissioned Illustrations are typically for personal use

  • Credit (@CiciPuppo on twitter/bluesky, @Puppergeist on VGen) is required when uploading your art on socials for icons, banners, or general upload to public galleries

  • The client MUST mention commercial use intent and pay the necessary fees, if applicable, when ordering

  • Do not crop or remove my watermark for public upload pieces


Please take note of the following:

  • Payment must be sent up front in full unless total cost is over $150 usd

  • Be sure to send payment within 24-48 hours of the confirmation of your order; failure to receive payment without any notice of delays will result in your slot being voided

  • For Pay Plan: You send 50% of cost as a down payment. Must send final payment before I continue from the approved Sketch Phase!

  • Payment plans must be agreed upon before I send your invoice

Payment methods accepted are:

  • Paypal Invoice as "Goods and Services" [usual method]

  • Stripe Invoice

Refund Policy

Full Refund:

  • If I cancel or can't physically complete your order (sickness, tech failure, etc)

  • If I have not made progress on your order within 30 days of accepting your payment and placing you in my queue

Partial Refund:

Incomplete Work

  • If you cancel the order before work is completed, or you cannot complete payment plan:

  • You will be refunded the amount based on my progress made on your order and current pricing

  • Your files will be scrapped/repurposed for loss of income and work time

Cannot Complete Final Payment

  • If you cannot pay the final installment, you do not get your commission order.

  • If you cannot complete your payments, the files will be scrapped/repurposed and resold for loss of income and work time, you will be blacklisted from working with me again

  • You cannot refund a completed commission order (ex. illustration or L2D model) once the files are in your hands! This is theft


  • Major design changes that are entirely different from the original request will be considered a new commission and charged full price

  • There will be a small revision fee for outfit changes and overall pose(s) past the sketch stage

  • I will happily make changes during the sketch phase of your order, please let me know if I can fix something you're unhappy with

NSFW Commissions & Adult Content

  • Clients must be at least 18 years of age and paying with their own account (not through a friend or guardian)

  • Clients who wish to order NSFW art must confirm their age before discussing further details about the order with any supporting info or valid proof.

  • I reserve the right to blacklist and block those who attempt to bypass this verification

  • Pictures, legal names, addresses, signatures, or otherwise sensitive information should be withheld/censored by the client. All that's needed is your birth date/birth year and the additional proof that the ID, document, or proof is yours (i.e. only your first name is visible on the ID/Document, a phone with your social media open alongside it, a piece of paper with your username written on it in frame, etc.)

  • Any suggestive/revealing outfits for L2D Models must abide by Twitch/YouTube's current rules on attire


  • Please do not send messages unrelated to the commission in our DM's. These are for business only! You can absolutely compliment WIPs or share your excitement about your order though :)

  • Rude/unprofessional behavior (such as flirting, demanding WIPs within a short period, unrealistic time constraints or charge backs without prior discussion) will not be tolerated and you will be dropped from my queue regardless of whether your piece is in progress (refund rules may apply)

  • Any substantial setbacks [i.e. prolonged sickness, injury, or tech failure] will be discussed with the client as soon as they arise!


  • Images files will be sent through Discord, WIPs are watermarked

  • Files Include: .png images of non-watermark image for personal galleries, watermarked image for uploading - can be transparent and/or with color background separately (may also be glazed/nightshaded to protect from AI scraping)

  • Files can also be sent through email on request

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Draw

  • Humans/Humanoid (Plus Size/Chubby OCs, BIPOC/Black OCs Okay)

  • Fandom OCs

  • Furry/Anthro (Any Species)

  • Quad Plus Characters (SFW Art Only)

  • Pride Art!

  • Shipping (adult characters only, OCxOC Okay, for OCxCanon Ask first)

  • Weapons, Armor, Light Blood, Battle Scenes Okay

  • Transformation Sequence (Ask)

  • Size Difference / Micro and Macro (SFW, for NSFW Ask first)

Won't Draw

  • Realistic vehicles, people, animals

  • Art of cops, or real world military uniforms (past or present)

  • Ship art between sibling or parent/child characters

  • These Fetishes: Watersports, Scat, Diapers, Farting, NonCon, Loli/Shota, etc.

  • Child / Minor characters in suggestive or sexual themes/posing

  • Realistic gore, or triggering themes like sexual abuse, child or pet abuse, etc.

  • Art for Fascists, Nazis, Pedophiles, Zoophiles, Ableist/Sexist/Racist/Homophobic/Transphobic rhetoric or symbols, etc. I will be checking your socials

What is "Quad Plus"?

  • Just a term to cover four (or more) legged characters with human intelligence and speech! Talking cats/dogs, Taurs, monsters, and other kinds of sentient creatures

  • Quad Plus characters are not eligible for NSFW art from me

Character Design?

  • I don't offer character/outfit design at this time

  • I can work from colored sketches/ other art to draw your oc if you do not have a full reference sheet

Do you offer Suggestive or NSFW Art?

  • Short answer: Yes, if you're 18+ years of age and paying with your own money

  • Please read the added ToS section [here]() to answer your specific questions! If you have a more specific request, please reach out to me for discussion before ordering

L2D Models?

  • L2D Models are Art Only!

  • I can work with a visual design concept when making a L2D Model for you. Please be specific as possible with reference images!

  • Contact me before re-selling your model

  • I do not make Suggestive or NSFW toggles/art for models


  • DO NOT refund/charge back a completed commission

  • DO NOT claim my work as your own and sell as bases, adopts / for profit

  • DO NOT use my work for AI / NFTs

  • No responses from you, the client, about progress updates [after 3 week limit]

  • Do not ask for daily updates

  • If you cannot complete payment for a larger commission (ref sheet, emote pack, L2D Model), it will be retconned and resold as a base